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Lease Expiration and Renewal Information

Is your lease expiring soon?

There are a few possibilities with your upcoming lease expiration:

  • You may be able to renew your lease for another 12 month lease term. A 7-11 month lease term may be negotiated at a higher rental rate but permission must be granted by the property owner at least 30 days prior to the end of the lease agreement to vary from the lease renewal offer terms.
  • You may give written 30 days' notice per the lease agreement to vacate the property before the end of your lease term.
  • You may be given a notice of non-renewal from the property owner and a notice to vacate the property before the end of the lease term.
  • You can request a short-term month-to-month extension for a specific amount of time. There is a month-to-month fee of $50 in addition to the market rent. You must request the month to month extension with at least 30 days advance notice. We cannot guarantee this option is available as this is provided with owner’s discretion.

You will receive written notification of a renewal offer within 45 days prior to your lease expiration or notification of a non-renewal of the lease term 30 days prior to your lease expiration. The renewal offer letter will outline your lease expiration date and any changes in rents, as well as options for renewal.

Your property manager will be able to better answer your questions about your upcoming lease renewal, but please remember, we need the owner’s approval to make any alterations or extensions.

Ready to Renew Your Lease or Submit Notice to Vacate?

Did you receive the renewal offer letter and are you ready to request a lease extension?

Request Renewal

Let us know your intentions in regard to the upcoming expiration of your lease agreement using the form below or reach out to our office via email to be connected with your property manager. Remember, as we do not own the property that you lease, we are unable to make determinations or negotiations for renewal without speaking to the property owner so please make plans and contact us in advance.

Notice to Vacate

If you are planning on vacating at the end of the lease term, you must submit a move out notice in writing at least 30 days in advance. For more information on the move out process and to submit your move out notice, see Move Out Notice & Information.

Lease Renewal & Update Form