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Are you considering selling your home? The most important thing to consider when selling your Pensacola area home is that you partner with a knowledgeable realtor who can help advise you on how to prepare your home for sale and how to properly price your home.

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It’s proven that Realtors can help their clients sell for more money and in a shorter time than for sale by owner. At Realty Masters, our agents have multiple years of experience and local knowledge to serve you. We specialize in working with investors and have the experience to navigate your Pensacola area multi-family or single family, tenant occupied property. We can even help with listing your home for sale or for rent at the same time. . We strive to provide excellent client satisfaction, clear communication, and fast results. Learn more about our team of licensed Pensacola Realtors and reach out to a Pensacola realtor today! 

Interested in knowing what your home will sell for in today’s market? Our agent will complete a competitive market analysis, or a CMA, at no charge to you. This will show you how much all the similar homes are selling for in the same area as yours and that info can be extracted and used to help analyze and come up with a detailed fair market value for your home. You can always go to our link “What’s my Home Worth” to get an automated price instantly. However, a direct agent-made CMA is usually much more accurate.

Our marketing professionals will draft a top-notch marketing plan to highlight your home's positive or appealing features and to have your home stand out from the other listings that the market has in competition. Once we have a price for your home, we can begin to get your home ready for advertising. Sometimes a cleaning is needed and we can gladly help you find cleaners and movers to take the stress off you. Does your home need repairs? We can help you coordinate any work needed to prepare for marketing or to satisfy the buyer during the sales transaction. 

Next, we will get professional quality photos of everything in the home and generate an appealing listing. We will list the property across a multitude of different apps and websites. We use the marketing resources we have to get the largest pool of buyers possible who are interested in your home. We will continue to be your asset while the home is listed, collecting feedback from Pensacola realtors and their clients to help find the right buyer for your home. We will negotiate with buyers and work hard to get your property under contract. 

Once under contract, we will help coordinate any repairs that a buyer may come up with during inspections to satisfy the lender, appraiser, inspector, insurance company, and the buyer. We will work with the title company to be sure your home can be sold and that you are free of any debts accompanying the home at closing. 

We would love to have the opportunity to list your home and provide great customer service along the way, so let us know how we can help. If you want to hire a Realty Masters agent today, list my home for sale now. 

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