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Pensacola area Military Bases & Housing

Pensacola is known as the “Cradle of Naval Aviation” and we are proud of the title. Pensacola is home of the famous Blue Angels and the National Museum of Naval Aviation. All members of the Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard start their aviation training here in Pensacola. Additionally, Corry Station is known for intelligence training.

The Pensacola area is home to several Navy military bases including Naval Air Station Pensacola, Corry Station, and NAS Whiting Field in Milton.

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Pensacola Military Bases & Information for Military and Veterans

Pensacola is a community with strong ties to the military. In addition to a rich military history, the Pensacola community is composed largely of military, retirees, veterans, and their families. We are pleased to present you with the following information on the local military bases and military attractions in our area.

Naval Air Station Pensacola in Pensacola, FL 32508

NAS Pensacola is the largest military base in the Pensacola area. NAS Pensacola is best known for its important role in Naval Aviation. In addition to being home of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, NAS Pensacola is the initial training command post for Naval Aviators. Pensacola NAS has been training aviators since the late 1930's and currently employs over 14,500 military personnel yearly. NAS Pensacola is home to many of the services available to military including the US Navy Commissary Store, Pensacola's Navy Exchange, VA Clinic, Naval Hospital Pensacola.

Location in town

NAS Pensacola is located in Southwest Pensacola! There are two main entrances to Pensacola NAS. The “front” gate is located off Navy Blvd. in Pensacola. The “back” gate is located off Blue Angel Pkwy, a 15-20 minute drive from the front gate.

Real Estate and Rental Housing near NAS Pensacola

Homes in Southwest Pensacola and South Pensacola, as well as West Pensacola, Downtown, Warrington, Bellview, and East Hill are only a 5-15 minute drive from either the front or back gate. The back gate is located about 10 minutes from Perdido Key Beaches; the front gate is only 15 minutes to downtown and I-10 and 20 minutes to Pensacola Beach!

Base Housing

Not ready to live off base? Here's the contact information for NAS Pensacola's Housing Service Center and Balfour Beatty Base Housing Communities.

Pilots coming for flight training: If you are also doing training at Whiting Field in Milton, we suggest finding housing in the North areas of Pensacola, as well as Cantonment, Beulah, and Pace, as these locations are a good halfway point between NAS Pensacola and NAS Whiting Field in Milton. We also have more information on your PCS to Pensacola here!

Corry Station in Pensacola, FL 32511

Corry Station is headquarters of The Center for Information Warfare Training and is responsible for training over 20,000 military students annually.

Location in town

Corry Station is located in West to Southwest Pensacola off New Warrington Rd. just a few miles from the front gate of NAS and the Navy Exchange. Corry Station provides intelligence training for all branches of the military.

Real Estate and Rental Housing near Corry Station Pensacola

Homes in West Pensacola, South Pensacola, and Southwest Pensacola are most convenient to Corry Station. It’s also located about 10 minutes from downtown Pensacola and 15 minutes to Pensacola Beach!

Naval Air Station Whiting Field in Milton, FL 32570

Whiting Field Naval Air Station was built in 1943 to accommodate growing demand for aviation training from Naval Air Station Pensacola. Naval Air Station trains not only Naval students, but also U.S. Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Air Force students.

Location in town

NAS Whiting Field is located off Hwy 87/ Stewart Street in North Milton, only about 15 minutes from Downtown Milton and 15 minutes from I-10 (Interstate 10).

Real Estate and Rental Housing near Whiting Field Naval Air Station

​Any home in Milton should be within a 15-20 minute drive of the base.

Base Housing

Not ready to live off base? Here's the contact information for NAS Whiting Field's Housing in Milton.