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Moving in a Realty Masters Property

Are you getting excited about your upcoming move? We hope you are! Review this information for a smooth move-in process and reach out to us with any questions. We know the moving process is challenging and stressful! We hope to minimize stress caused for you during this transition. Please review this information thoroughly to ensure you are ready for your move in day!

Getting Keys on Your Move In Date

Keys can be picked up on your move-in date per the lease agreement from the Realty Masters office between the hours of 8:00 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday and Saturday from 8:00 am to 2 pm. Our office address for key pick up is 4400 Bayou Blvd 58B, Pensacola, FL 32503.

Unable to make key pick up times? You can have a friend or family member pick up keys in your absence as long as you provide prior authorization. The friend or family member can provide proof of identification and authorization. They must also have the funds required for move in. If you are traveling from out of the area and unable be able to pick up keys during office hours, you MUST schedule this with our office with at least 48 hours notice so we can make other arrangements for you!

Move In Funds Required for Key Pick Up

Like your security deposit, all move in funds are to be paid in certified funds. Please refer to your lease agreement where it outlines "Funds due at Move In" on the payment schedule to verify total costs or reach out to our office if you are unsure. Regardless of your move in date, the security deposit, $50 administrative fee, first (1st) full month's rent, and any applicable pet fees, are to be paid in cashier's check or money order before keys are provided. If you are moving in, on, or after the 25th of the month then additional pro-rated rent may be due as well.

Under no circumstances will cash, personal checks, or debit/credit cards be accepted for move in funds. Future rent payments can be made in a personal check, money order, and via debit or credit card on our online portal.

Utility Accounts Must be Scheduled in Advance

All utility accounts must be transferred into the resident's name by the move in date. We have utilities scheduled to be turned off as of your move in date.

This means you MUST make these arrangements in advance or you will be without power, gas, water, or trash service upon your move in. Moving is hard enough and moving into a house without electricity and A/C is dangerous in the state of Florida.

For your convenience, we have utility information for you here: Utility Information on our website

Tips for Utility Companies

  • Electricity can be turned on as early as the next day with a simple phone call to Gulf Power. They may require a deposit depending on your credit.
  • Water companies are a bit more challenging and may require a visit in person to the office AND a deposit in order to turn water, sewer, and trash services on. This can also take a few days to organize so please plan ahead. Ask if your water company provides free recycling and when your trash pick up day is.
  • Do you know if your property has gas? Many properties have gas service to the heater, water heater, stove, and in rare cases, the dryer is also powered by gas. If you are unsure, reach out to verify with our office or the gas company. It's stressful to move in over the weekend and take cold showers or be without heat in the winter.

You may need your lease agreement in order to turn utilities on at your new property so be prepared.

Completing your Move In Inspection

Please read through the blue folder you received during your lease signing or when you picked up your keys to locate your move in inspection. Your folder will include a move in inspection report and will need to be turned in to your property manager within 3 days. You can also access the inspection form here.

Please spend adequate time completing your move-in inspection as this documentation is used when you vacate to release your security deposit. It's very important that you notate the condition upon move in. Please remember that the body of the document is to report cosmetic imperfections or pre-existing conditions at your property and is not a repair request list.

  • If you have items you need or would like to request to be repaired, please indicate them on the back page under "Items that need attention." We will reach out to the property owner and proceed according to their wishes.
  • While we work hard to get the properties ready for you, we understand that prior tenants, vendors, and the property owners do not always have the same expectations as you may. Our team also completes a move in evaluation prior to your move in.
  • Feel free to take photos and send them to us as well and/ or retain them for your records.
  • Please reach out to us with any concerns you may have at move in.
  • You can email your move in report to us, fax it to (850) 473-3975, or bring it by the office. We recommend you retain a copy for your records and will be happy to make you a copy at our office.

Other Move-In Considerations

Renter's Insurance- The property owner's insurance does not cover your personal property. Renter's insurance is available for as low as $15 per month and will protect you in a number of scenarios including a hurricane, water leak, theft, and more. Renter's insurance does not protect against floods or rising water so do ask about a flood policy if you live on or near the water or in a low lying area. We strongly recommend you secure a renter's insurance policy. Reach out to your car insurance company to affordably add a renter's insurance policy.

USPS Mail Forward- You will need to submit a change of address with the USPS. Use this link here! If you have a property with a community mailbox, you will need to contact the USPS to receive a mail key as these keys are given by the Postal Service.

Re-keying your Locks- Keep in mind, the property may not have been re-keyed prior to your move in. You are welcome to change the locks at your property as long as you provide us a key within 24 hours.

Getting Familiar with your Property- Take some time to become familiar with your new property.

  • Locate the electrical panel and main water shut off at your property in case of an emergency.
  • Locate your a/c filter(s) and set a calendar reminder to change your filter every thirty days.
  • Do you have a sprinkler system and a timer? Is it functioning?
  • Do you have GFI buttons on your outlets?

Consult your Tenant Handbook and our website for Maintenance Troubleshooting tips and reach out with your questions.

You can find additional Tenant Resources here.