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How Important is a Fenced Backyard for your Rental Property

How Important is a Fenced Backyard for your Rental Property

A fenced in yard is one of the most highly requested and desirable amenities for your Pensacola, Florida investment property. In fact, it’s one of the first questions we get when renters are inquiring about a property, and the most common feedback we receive from tenants and buyers house hunting when a fence is not present.

Houses with fenced yards rent faster and for more money. Tenants also tend to renew and stay longer in  single family homes with fenced in backyards! Fencing your property is a worthwhile investment for these reasons alone. 

People enjoy homes with fenced yards for many reasons including the top reasons we hear: 

  • Safety and security
  • Privacy
  • Better for families with children or pets 
  • Keeping disputes between neighbors down
  • Greater enjoyment outdoors at your property

Safety and security

Whether real or perceived, a fenced in backyard creates a higher level of security at a property. I’m assuming both real and perceived, as one of the few questions on a Pensacola area liability insurance application included “Is the yard fenced?” A backyard leaves people more vulnerable for intruders and a good privacy fence can help keep intruders and wanderers out of your yard.


A front yard leaves you exposed to your road and all your neighbors. Your private, fenced in backyard allows outdoor enthusiasts to take up their hobbies in privacy. Whether it’s yoga, gardening, reading, or sunbathing, outdoor privacy is a must. We spend a lot of time outdoors in Pensacola! With sunshine an average of 343 days a year, our way of life includes plenty of time in the great outdoors. For many, having a private, inviting outdoor space at your home is an amenity like no other. I know other parts of the country don’t place as much value on private, outdoor spaces, but in Pensacola, we do. 

Better for families with children and pets 

Having a secure area to allow children and pets to run and play is a convenience that many parents and pet owners have come to expect and enjoy. Many pet owners have become accustomed to the convenience that a fenced in backyard allows. A families morning routine goes a lot smoother when you can ditch the leash and timely morning walk. Having a fenced in backyard for parents is equally freeing, as it allows children to play safer and gives peace of mind that’s missing in an unfenced yard when mom has to run inside to the bathroom or grab a snack.  

Better relations among neighbors 

I just can’t write this article without telling you about the pig at Cambria. We manage this rental with an unfenced yard and next door (also an unfenced yard) lives a free range, very large, outdoor pig. This pig loves to roam next door and has been known to dig a hole under the back of our property. This has caused some plumbing damage and damage to the yard. The point is that sometimes your neighbors are annoying, troublesome, or can cause damage to your property. This situation would be avoided if either yard was fenced and both residents would have greater enjoyment of their property. We’ve had a lot of neighbor disputes over the years, and many of them could have been avoided with the extra privacy a fenced in yard gives. 

Greater enjoyment of outdoors 

All of these reasons equate to greater outdoor enjoyment at the property. Remember, your tenants are not renting a house, they are renting a property and a place to live and enjoy life. Having a fenced yard makes life more enjoyable. 

If your yard is not fenced, fencing it in would be a long-term investment in the property and is not a cheap one. Wooden privacy fencing is the preferred fencing type in the Pensacola area and, on average, will cost a few thousand dollars to install. A common, more affordable fencing type is chain link fencing but is not as preferred for security and privacy reasons. Often times, you’ll be lucky to find a neighboring yard fenced so you can reduce expenses when fully fencing your backyard. 

Considerations when building a privacy fence

There are several important considerations you should take when building a fence. Consult your land survey to establish property boundaries. Don’t forget to check with your local permitting office to see if a permit is required. It may be required in Pensacola depending on whether you are installing a new fence or rebuilding an existing fence. You should ask any neighboring property owners with fencing if you’re able to tie into their fence before doing so. If your property is located in an HOA, you may need to get architectural review committee approval  before construction, and the HOA may dictate where and how you construct the fence. You’ll also need to call before digging to be sure you avoid underground utilities and other hazards. Typically, fencing in a backyard does not upset the county or other neighbors, but if you’re fully fencing a property, you’ll have to do more investigating as the county may only allow certain fencing materials and in certain locations. Be cautious of special considerations like wetlands and easements. Building a fence in the wrong place can cause you expensive problems or future title issues so be sure you conduct proper research before building. Don’t worry, if we manage your property, we can help with this. 

In twenty years of listening to tenant feedback, I’ve never heard a tenant say they wished a fenced yard was unfenced. Whether you own a duplex, townhouse, or single family house, I recommend improving your Pensacola rental property to include a privacy fence. Let us know if your have questions about fencing your Pensacola investment property.