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Hurricane Supply Checklist

Hurricane Supply Checklist

Hurricane Season runs through November 30th. As a Floridian, it’s imperative to be prepared during hurricane season. The majority of significant storms happen in August and September so take action now to prepare yourself. It is essential to know that after a hurricane hits "the first 72 are on you" meaning you need to be prepared with enough supplies for at least 72 hours as it may be that long or longer before help can arrive. The first step is to know when it is time to evacuate! It is imperative to know what evacuation zone your home is in so you can know when your zone is told to evacuate. You can find that HERE by typing in the address.

Our team has come together to share some of the essential items that we have in our supply kits to share with you. Some of the items that are often overlooked are:

In addition, don't forget your everyday essential items:

  • Water
  • Nonperishable food
  • Any essential medicine 
  • Propane/ lighters
  • Pet food (if you have pets)
  • Hygiene Wipes/ sanitation gel
  • Batteries
  • Full tank of gas in the car and extra can
  • Phone charger
  • Important documents
  • Evacuation plan (shared with someone, not in the disaster area)

To get a printable copy of the list you can CLICK HERE or another list HERE