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Rent and Utility Assistance Hardship Funds in Pensacola area

Rent and Utility Assistance Hardship Funds in Pensacola area

Statistically, housing costs consume over 1/3 of our income nationwide. We hate to hear when residents have unexpected situations that cause a hardship and that they are having a hard time paying rent, but we understand with rising costs that this can easily happen. If you find yourself in this situation, there are resources in the Pensacola area to help with financial assistance for rent and utility bills. We've compiled a list of resources available in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties should you need them now or in the future.

United Way can provide resources. While they do not provide financial assistance, they do serve as a resource referral center for emergency food and shelter, services for families and senior citizens, health care, childcare, services for people with disabilities, counseling and mental health services and more. Call them at 2-1-1 or find them online.

Opening Doors offers utility assistance for those who are at risk of getting their utilities shut off. Call at (850) 439-3009 or visit them online.

United Ministries of Pensacola offers help in a financial crisis with past due rent, mortgage, or utility bills. This assistance is contingent upon having a child in the home under the age of 18. Call their office in Pensacola (850) 433-2333 or online.   

Catholic Charities of Northwest Florida provides emergency financial assistance for basic needs including financial, food, prescriptions, housing, and utilities. Call (850) 436-6425 in Pensacola or (850) 244-2825 in Fort Walton Beach or visit them online.

90Works offers at-risk and homeless veterans assistance at-risk and homeless a host of services including rent assistance, financial planning, transportation, healthcare, legal services and more. Call them at 1-855-90WORKS or visit them online.

Samaritan Hands - First Baptist Church of Pensacola offers Christian counseling and provides services for food, clothing, shoes, blankets, and utility assistance.  Hours of operation Mon-Thurs 9am-1130am.

The Salvation Army provides emergency assistance for needs such as rent, utility bills, food and clothing. If you need assistance due to an unexpected hardship, the Salvation Army provides financial assistance. You can reach them at (850) 432-1579 in Pensacola or (850) 623-4099 in Milton or (850) 243-4531 in Fort Walton or online.

Community Action Program Committee provides emergency financial assistance for utility bills when in need through their Home Energy Assistance Program. Give them a call at 1-844-356-8139 or find their application online. 

Northwest Florida Area on Aging provides assistance with home energy costs for those who are eligible over 60 years of age should the need arise to pay utility bills or repair heating and cooling systems. Call them at (850) 494-7101 or find them online.

FavorHouse of Northwest Florida provides assistance to victims of domestic violence including temporary and transitional housing. Call them at (850) 434-1177 or visit them online. 

Military Relief Societies Offer Financial Help is a great article detailing the military aid programs for each branch with links to get in touch with your branch program.  

While this is not a comprehensive list, this is a good start in finding utility and housing assistance from several Pensacola area non-profit organizations that can assist with financial needs in the way of rent and utility bill assistance.  

Furthermore, having a plan to budget for utility costs and save on those costs can help immensely on your month-to-month expenses. Here are some links with tips and information for lowering those costs.  

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originally posted 01-31-2019