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Benny Russell Park in Pace

Benny Russell Park in Pace

The Benny Russell Park is a family-friendly park located at 5417 W Spencer Field Rd, in Pace, Florida 32571. This park is the favorite among Pace locals due to its size and amenities, and is the most popular park in Pace. Benny Russell Park spans nearly 30 acres and offers year-round fun for the entire family. The park features a large playground, splash pad, fitness zone, and a multi-purpose sports field. What’s great about this park is that it offers several different playground areas for children of different ages, including a toddler zone with special equipment for younger children. There’s plenty of parking and room for everyone to play at once.

Splashpad at Benny Russell ParkSplash Pad at Benny Russell Park

Benny Russell Park in PaceBenny Russell Park in Pace

In addition, you will also find plenty of shade including shaded picnic areas and walking trails for your pleasure. This is a popular family hangout on the weekends and afternoons. In the heat of summer, I always choose Benny Russell Park over others just for the shade alone. And of course, a splash pad doesn’t hurt. 

Benny Russell Park Amenities include:

  • Splash Pad 
  • Baby & toddler playground
  • Playground for young children
  • Playground for older children
  • Additional fitness area with rock climbing features by the splash pad
  • Sandbox
  • Swing sets
  • Picnic tables and pavilions
  • Restrooms and water fountains

As there are seventeen pavilions and eleven picnic tables, this is a favorite location for children’s birthday parties and other outdoor family events. You can reserve pavilions with Santa Rosa County by contacting the Parks Operations via email or phone. There are onsite restrooms available at the park beside the large parking lot. Take a video tour of their facilities available for lease here: Be on the lookout for events held at Benny Russell Park including annual seasonal events like Fall Festivals, Easter egg hunts, and more.

The Benny Russell splash pad is a fairly recent addition to Benny Russell Park and is only open seasonally from May 2nd through September 30th Tuesday – Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Read more about this splash pad and other splash pad tips on our blog: Pensacola area Splash Pads.

Toddler play area at Benny Russell ParkToddler play area at Benny Russell Park in Pace, Florida

Large playground at Benny Russell ParkLarge playground at Benny Russell Park

Splash pad at Benny Russell Park in PaceSplash Pad at Benny Russell Park in Pace

Splash pad at Benny Russell Park in PaceSplash pad at Benny Russell Park in Pace

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