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Commonly Missed Cleaning Areas at Move Out Cleaning

Commonly Missed Cleaning Areas at Move Out Cleaning

You a cleaner who performs move out cleans? Are you preparing to clean and turn over your rental property? Here is a list of most missed areas that our team has noticed that are neglected during move out to help you! Don’t forget, we have a cleaning checklist you can utilize in our move out guidelines. 

We hate when we see a mostly clean house but must send a cleaner anyways because these and other items are missed. You’ll spend most of your time in the kitchen and bathroom(s), so plan accordingly and don’t skip these areas:


  • Cabinets- Wipe down the inside and outside of all cabinets removing any trash or debris.
  • Dishwasher- Wipe all surfaces and insides of the dishwasher removing any food particles and or fingerprints. Clean the rim. Did you know there’s a basket that catches food that comes out and can be cleaned? 
  • Stove/Oven Range- Change all drip pans if needed. Clean underneath the stove top,  inside the oven and behind the range.
  • Fridge- While it’s easy to remember to clean inside, don’t forget to clean on top, the base along the bottom of the fridge, and change the water filter if needed. Slide the fridge out and clean underneath and behind it.


  • Toilet- Be sure to clean the toilet bowl and base in all bathrooms along with the edge below the seat. 
  • Shower head- Clean the grime off the holes on your shower head. 
  • Exhaust fan- You have to remove the exhaust fan cover to clean this properly.
  • Caulk- The tub caulk often gets mildew accumulation over time. Use a bleach product to clean the caulk in your tub. 

Common areas

  • Wipe all a/c vents and change the A/C filter. Clean the a/c filter grate and don’t forget to clean inside the a/c closet. 
  • Wipe all fan blades and remove light covers to clean thoroughly.
  • Clean all windowsills, blinds, baseboards, and switch plates.
  • Ceiling is free of cobwebs.
  • If applicable sweep and mop all hard surface floors, including the garage. 
  • Speaking of the garage, any storage sheds, garages, laundry rooms, and other similar spaces should not be neglected. 

Trash/ Unwanted Items

Don’t forget to plan for your trash and unwanted items. You will find both your trash and recycle can full if you do not begin throwing away unwanted items in advance. If this happens, you may place items by the curb, but you must call your trash company to arrange for a special pick up or they will not pick up any trash or items that do not fit in the can. 

A deep cleaning of your home will be hard work and take a lot of time, which is stressful when moving. We recommend pre-cleaning some of these areas to make it easier when your items have been moved. To ease the stress of moving tenants can hire a professional cleaning company. If you do choose to hire a cleaning company, you are responsible for payment and must provide a cleaning receipt. Unfortunately, we often enlist the help of a professional cleaning service as items are missed so save yourself the hassle and hire someone initially.