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Credit Stopping you from Buying a Home?

Credit Stopping you from Buying a Home?

Do you want to be a homeowner in the future but are concerned that some credit issues you had in the past may prevent you from qualifying to buy a home? Getting pre-qualified to buy a home in Pensacola is a very easy process if you meet all the qualifications to become approved for a mortgage. If there are some issues in your past credit history, you can team up with your loan officer to get a game plan to get your credit back on track so you will be ready to buy in the future.

One of our preferred lenders, Kris Waters with SWBC Mortgage, helps future buyers who may not be fully qualified to purchase a home, improve their credit so they can pursue their dream of homeownership.

Here’s Kris talking about this!

“I have seen many scenarios in the past where the home buyer does not have as bad of credit as they think and, in many instances, a simple action to pay down a credit card or pay off a minor collection account will now allow the buyer to qualify for mortgage financing. But, you won’t know where you stand until you take that first step and talk to a mortgage professional to see where you stand.

I have a program that allows me to look at your credit report and also tells me what steps that you, the home buyer may need to take to increase your credit scores to where they need to be to qualify. I have worked with many people in the past where all they needed to do was pay off a minor collection account or two that were under a few hundred dollars or pay down a credit card a few hundred dollars and that was all they needed to do to be able to get your credit scores up to where they needed to be.

I have all loan types available and several programs for first time home buyers that allow for no down payment! Your dream of home ownership could be just a call away.”

Contact Kris Waters, Mortgage Loan Officer with SWBC Mortgage at 850-752-4319 or visit him online to start your pre-approval at

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