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How Important is Central Heating and Air for your Pensacola Rental?

How Important is Central Heating and Air for your Pensacola Rental?

Central heating and air is a great choice for comfort and efficiency and is a necessary one in the state of Florida. Many regions have different options and requirements for heating and cooling systems. In Pensacola, a large majority of homes are cooled by a central heating and air conditioning system consisting of an indoor air handler and an outdoor compressor. This is the best option for your Pensacola investment property, and it a wise investment to make in your rental if it does not already have a central HVAC system. 

According to Mathews Heating and Air in Pace, an average cost to install a new heating and air conditioning system in a house that does not have central heat already is between $12,000 and $18,000. The cost is more than double that of a replacement HVAC system because duct work will need to be installed in the attic as well. Installing a new heating and cooling system is a worthwhile investment as it will increase your home’s value for both resale and as a rental investment. With proper maintenance, heating and air conditioning systems in Florida last around an average of 15-20 years, although we’ve seen some operating for many years beyond that.

Alternative options to heating and cooling systems are available and include a mini split system which is a great option for smaller houses. The most common mini split system installed in the area is around $4,500 for one large area with additional expenses for additional air conditioning heads. These systems are designed to accommodate smaller areas like small homes and apartments, and they are a great alternative to traditional central heating and air as they are ductless. Many of the affordable window units only cool and do not also heat. Please keep in mind that Florida Landlord Tenant Law does require heat as a basic necessity in a Florida rental property. Alternatively, window heating and cooling is an option but is the least preferred by tenants for a number of reasons: 

Tenant preference: Renting a property with central heating and cooling in Florida is a non-negotiable for most tenants. Window units make it harder to maintain the temperature in the home throughout the year and are less energy efficient. Many homes with window air do not have units in each room causing the temperature to poorly regulate throughout the home. Your property investment will not be as financially successful without this necessary amenity as tenants will choose to rent a property that comes with it, or will eventually move from your property if your property lacks a good heating and cooling system.

Indoor air quality: Climate control systems can control and maintain the temps and humidity in your home. Central A/C systems use filters to help improve the air quality and lower the amount of mold, mildew, and dust mites in your home.  This is especially important for people who have allergies or asthma, which makes having central heating and air better for your respiratory system.

Increased energy efficiency: Having an energy efficient unit can mean that your unit is using less energy to run, which can help keep your energy bill low. 

Increased comfort: Central heating and cooling improves air flow and indoor air quality inside your property. Our area is known for constant humidity, a lot of rain, and brutal heat. These weather factors affect indoor comfort.

Reach out to our Pensacola property management specialists for referrals to several professional HVAC companies to provide a free quote for an efficient HVAC system for your Pensacola investment property. Let us know if you have any questions about your Pensacola area investment property and whether adding heating and cooling is the right move to enhance your property value.