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How much does Property Management Cost in Pensacola?

How much does Property Management Cost in Pensacola?

This is one of the first questions landlords ask when reaching out and understandably. We offer two types of services.

 1) Tenant Placement Services

Our Pensacola tenant placement service costs the full first month’s rent, and we do find that’s the standard fee in Pensacola for this service. Included is a market analysis to determine the proper rental rate, marketing for your rental property, tenant screening and placement, lease preparation, and a move in inspection by our team. We’ll handle everything that it takes to get the tenant moved in including signing the lease and collecting the security deposit and first month’s rent, then we hand it over to you to manage. This is ideal for local landlords who like to be hands-on but don’t have the resources to properly market and screen tenants or who may not have a Florida lease agreement. We also find most DIY landlords skip the documentation step which causes issues later. Keep in mind, rates may vary and may not include some of the processes or items ours does!

2) Full-Service Property Management

Full-service property management includes tenant placement and more. We handle rent collection, maintenance, routine inspections, bookkeeping, lease enforcement, lease renewals, and more. We manage more properties than any other Pensacola area property management companies and landlords trust us to make decisions to protect and care for their investment.

All Pensacola property management companies charge a monthly fee for this. Our rate is 10% of the monthly rent, however, we do have a military and an investor rate of 8%. In addition, when a tenant is placed, it’s customary for the property management company to charge a leasing fee instead of (or in addition to) the monthly management fee or a smaller fee when a lease is renewed. 

There are a lot of other fees that Pensacola property managers charge in addition to the monthly management fee for additional tasks during the management. 

Here is a list of other fees commonly charged in Pensacola property management:

  • Leasing fees
  • Lease renewal fees
  • Occupied property takeover fee
  • Inspection fee 
  • Maintenance coordination fee
  • Maintenance premium fees
  • Annual accounting fees
  • Legal fees

Realty Masters charges a leasing fee, lease renewal fee, and a $48 yearly legal fee billed monthly. 
You can view our Pensacola property management pricing here:

We’ve been leasing more homes than any other Pensacola property management companies for over a decade, and we have not added any additional fees on our services. We have noticed many other newer management companies adding some of the fees above. 

Our least favorite property management fee is a maintenance premium. Some companies actually charge a 10-15% markup on ALL of your maintenance and turnover expenses for overseeing. Some do this without your knowledge, although it’s in the contract, by reinvoicing with a different invoice including the premium. We hate spending your money and can’t imagine profiting at your expense and recommend you ask any property manager locally if they charge this fee. We also recommend asking what fees your property management company is charging your tenants! 

Our owner Pam Keen is a retired Navy Captain and owns several properties we manage for her. There’s no way she’d support us adding this fee to our landlords just to increase profit. 

Read more about our property management services or reach out to Nicole, Lindsay, or David via text, phone, email to discuss your goals and how we can help you achieve them! Or complete this form here and we’ll be in contact soon.