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Pensacola's Section 8 Housing Information for Landlords

Pensacola's Section 8 Housing Information for Landlords

section 8 hud program

Realty Masters manages properties for owners who participate in the local section 8 housing program. While some municipalities require participation in the program, participation in the program is voluntary in our area.

Both Escambia & Santa Rosa County have a housing department that provides financial assistance to those who qualify. The program members are open to all but is usually comprised of single parents, elderly, or disabled who must be approved through the county. These assistance programs stay full and keep a lengthy waitlist, therefore, there are always opportunities to lease your property with section 8. 

How does it work?

Tenants complete an approval process with the housing authority. The housing department agrees to pay a portion of, or all of, the rental rate. While the asking rate is set by the landlord, HUD must approve the rental rate and will determine which portion of the rent they will cover. We have seen HUD cover anywhere from only 10% of the rent to 100% of the rent. The check comes directly from the housing office the 1st of each month. The housing department signs a 12 month lease with our company, and the renter, and promises to pay the rental amount, or portion of the rental amount, as long as the renter and landlord keep their contractual obligations. 

We do screen HUD renters the same as we screen our other renters, and renters under the section 8 housing program can be denied based on qualifications.  The housing department performs a rigorous inspection on the property to make sure it’s in acceptable condition and that everything is in working order. If the property does not pass HUD’s inspection, repairs must be made before the lease can begin. We utilize a pre-HUD inspection checklist provided by HUD. As the paperwork is stringent, we handle all the paperwork with the renter and HUD, making this an easier process for you as a landlord.

The Pensacola Housing Authority administers the Section 8 program for Escambia County, and you can read more on their website here

The Milton Housing Authority administers the HUD program for Santa Rosa County, and you can read more on their website here

The housing department is always in need of landlords to participate in the section 8 program.