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Reasons to get a New Construction Home Inspection

Reasons to get a New Construction Home Inspection

I met with Taylor-Made Home Inspections for a home inspection on a Northeast Pensacola new construction home that I had under contract. I’ve always been a big proponent of home inspections on any property, and a new home is no exception. As a buyer, you hire a home inspector to inspect on your behalf and act in your best interest. We rarely see a home inspection come back perfect with any local builders so it’s important not to neglect this step. 

In the home Taylor just inspected for me, he found a plethora of items that we had the builder fix. Most of the items were minor electrical items that an electrician was able to easily cure, however, one item of major concern was the dryer venting in the attic. No buyer would have found this without the inspection, and the dryer vent being disconnected in the attic could have caused energy efficiency and humidity issues in the attic. It can also create a fire hazard in the future. We also saw some siding that was not secured properly.  

Of course, in a new home purchase, you typically have a walk-through to address any cosmetic items directly with the builder. Having a professional home inspector ensures the builder will fix what also cannot be seen, provided your contract dictates such and you complete the inspection within the designated timeline. As your Realtor, I’m experienced and ready to help you navigate this process.

Taylor speaks about common objections he hears on new home construction purchases as to why a home inspection is not needed. Here are a few reasons why it is!

Identifying Construction Issues: Even in brand-new houses, there can be construction defects, errors, or oversights.  Most builders hire several subcontractors to complete a different aspect of the construction of each home and don’t thoroughly check behind them. Don’t assume that a building superintendent or county inspector will catch these issues.  A professional inspector can detect issues that may not be immediately visible to an untrained eye. This often includes structural problems, faulty wiring, plumbing issues, or improper installations. 

Builder Accountability: A thorough inspection report can serve as a basis for the builder to address any problems before you finalize the purchase. It helps hold the builder accountable for any necessary repairs or fixes. Never close on the property until all items are addressed. We recommend having the home inspector visit again after repairs are complete to be sure any issues that were found are rectified. 

Future Cost Savings: Detecting potential issues early on can save you from expensive repairs down the line. Fixing minor issues can prevent them from becoming larger, more expensive issues in the future.

In essence, a home inspection on a newly constructed home is a preventative measure and can save you from completing expensive repairs later that you could have avoided. While the house is new and might seem flawless, an inspection helps ensure that it truly is, or it helps you catch any issues while the builder will address them with no hassle and no extra expense to you!

Another tip for your new construction home inspection is to inquire whether your insurance agent wants a wind mitigation inspection done on your new construction home purchase. If so, you’ll want to add that inspection to your home inspection while they are on sight. 

Are you purchasing a new construction home in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties of Northwest Florida? Contact Taylor with Taylor-Made Home Inspections to schedule your home inspection. 

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