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Resetting Breakers & GFCIs to Resolve Common Electrical Issues

Resetting Breakers & GFCIs to Resolve Common Electrical Issues

Are you experiencing electrical problems in your home? Oftentimes, the first step to trying to resolve these issues is to reset your power panel breakers or your reset buttons on your outlet (called GFI or GFCI). Many times simple electrical issues can be easily cured by resetting the power supply.

Some common calls that we get that were all resolved by resetting the power supply, include:

  • Lights or outlets are not functioning in part of the house
  • Appliance or A/C unit has no power to it at all
  • Water heater has no power to it at all

There are a number of reasons that your breaker would trip or reset itself:

  • Weather, especially lightning
  • Overloaded from usage
  • Power interruption or outage
  • Issue with components in the electrical system

If this has happened, simply locate your breaker panel to see if any breakers have moved to the off position or are “tripped” halfway between on and off. Did you know most properties have a breaker panel indoors and outdoors also? The outdoor breakers most commonly control the A/C, stove, and potentially washer/dryer and water heater depending on placement. Be sure to check both panels.

For safety, it’s important that you do not reset the breaker if it’s hot to touch, smoking, or smells like it’s burning. Refrain from resetting the breaker if you have reset it multiple times and it keeps tripping. You will need an electrician to diagnose and repair if any of these issues are present.

If your issue involves lighting or outlets, the culprit may be the GFI outlets. As these are often tied together, you’ll need to check the house in any “wet” areas (think areas where water can easily enter the outlets like your kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, and garage) and reset each outlet.

Watch Lacey Yurko with Realty Masters and Dunaway Electric talk through resetting tripped breakers and GFCI outlets in your home.

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