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Sneak Peek Inside A Home Inspection

Sneak Peek Inside A Home Inspection

Want to see the behind-the-scenes on a home inspection? Join us with Riaan du Plessis with Home Boss Inspection Group. This home inspection took place on an occupied four-unit multi-family investment property in Pensacola. This video gives you a sneak peek as he was here for 7 full hours doing comprehensive inspections on the building and all four units including a full home inspection report and insurance reports to include a four-point inspection and a wind mitigation inspection.

If you’re considering a home purchase, it’s my opinion that you cannot move forward with the purchase of a property without one. Typically, home inspections are done during the “due diligence" period of your home purchase, which begins right after you go under contract. A home inspector does an extensive inspection of the property to determine any maintenance issues needed at the property. Be sure to find a licensed Florida home inspector to complete your inspection, which includes an inspection of:

Roofing and Attic Systems

Structure and Structural Integrity

Major Components like Electrical, Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning Systems

These home inspection reports are often more than 30-100 pages for a single-family home, and they are very thorough and include the age of the current components, hazards present, recommended repairs, and preventative maintenance items suggested. We even recommend a home inspection on a new-construction property.

Your home inspector can also complete the required insurance inspections needed to secure a good insurance policy in Florida. This is typically a package of inspections sent to insurance to include a four-point inspection and a wind mitigation inspection.

The windstorm mitigation inspection examines the wind-resistant features of your home including your doors, window coverings, the attic, and roof, and includes how your roof is attached to the property. These are important factors when purchasing a Florida insurance policy. Likewise, the four-point inspection analyzes the four main components of your home which include your roof, electrical, plumbing, and heating and cooling systems. The four-point inspection is a condensed version of a full home inspection. Having compared many four-point inspections to their full home inspection, I highly recommend never opting for just a four-point inspection as it’s not a comprehensive inspection you should utilize when deciding to purchase a home!

If you’re looking to purchase a Pensacola home, having a professional home inspector is a step you should never skip. Our realtors are experts in investment properties as we work with so many landlords and in helping renters transition to homeownership. If you’re looking to purchase a Pensacola home, give us a call or browse Pensacola homes for sale today.