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Top 5 websites to find Pensacola Rental Homes & Apartments

Top 5 websites to find Pensacola Rental Homes & Apartments

Top 5 websites to find Pensacola Rental Homes & Apartments

Here’s our best list of places to find Pensacola rental homes and apartments!

  1. Realty Masters rentals: Check our rentals on our website here.We’re Pensacola’s largest property management company, so we often have the most available Pensacola rentals! We’re happy to help. You can also join our Facebook group to be notified of upcoming available rentals as they’re posted.  
  2. Pensacola MLS: Most reputable Pensacola property management companies list their homes on Pensacola MLS! The website to search the most comprehensive listings of Pensacola rentals managed by real estate agents in Pensacola is at  
  3. Zillow: We have a love-hate relationship with Zillow mainly because their “Zestimate” values for rental and sale are confusing to the public and not very accurate. Besides that, we must admit, it’s one of the most comprehensive resources for active Pensacola rental properties and combines those listed with realtors, those listed by private owners, and apartments in the area. Visit They also allow you to set up searches and get notified of new properties that fit your criteria! One other negative is that the data fees they go to Zillow from don’t always carry over the right details, so always verify details on listings you see online. Zillow does have less scammers than other websites, but it is still possible for a scammer to get on Zillow as they do allow private owners to post free listings, leaving this avenue easily available to scammers.  
  4. is a trusted name in Pensacola rentals and includes all local Pensacola apartment complexes AND single-family houses. They usually have more than Zillow does because Zillow requires apartment companies to pay to be posted on Zillow. If you’re looking for a Pensacola apartment, that’s our best recommendation!  
  5. Facebook Marketplace & Facebook Groups: We‘re on social media often so it makes sense to utilize these platforms for searching. We recommend adding EXTRA caution when utilizing this platform as unfortunately Facebook Marketplace will no longer allow businesses to post their rental listings therefore opening the door for scammers to have more of a presence on Marketplace. It’s hard to know if the ad you’re seeing is legitimate because it could be listed by the property owner, a property manager using their personal page, or a scammer stealing the information from a property owner or property manager. Heck, they can just create a fake ad of a house in a different city and use it to target people’s personal information and try to get them to send them money through platforms like CashApp. If you’re using sites like Facebook Marketplace or Facebook groups, please read our article on how to spot scams on these platforms. While you will find good listings on Facebook, you will also find a disproportionate number of scams.

Property owners, this is also a good list to make sure your Pensacola rental properties are advertised on all these websites! Ours are. If you’re looking to read more about marketing your Pensacola area rental property, head on over to our property management page. We offer both full-service management and leasing only services.

Likewise, here's a quick list of where we don’t recommend finding Pensacola rentals.

  1. Craigslist: nobody uses this anymore to find their Pensacola rental home or apartment.
  2. We see a lot of renters spending hours on this site as it appears to have the most Pensacola area rentals. Unfortunately, that’s because most of the properties on this website are rented and not actually available for rent. We do not recommend using currently as their rental feed is not accurate and most of these homes are already occupied.