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Townhome VS Single Family Homes in Pensacola

Townhome VS Single Family Homes in Pensacola

The uptick in Pensacola townhome new construction prompts us to ponder the differences between townhomes and single-family homes. There are both pros and cons to a single-family home and a townhome; figuring out the differences can help you decide which option may be better for you. The most obvious difference between the two is the structural configuration: townhomes share walls and are connected with adjacent units, while a single-family home is not connected to other homes. Let’s explore some of the advantages and drawbacks of both townhomes and single-family homes.


Typically, townhomes have a smaller footprint including a smaller lot size. The yards are typically very minimal and often the HOA’s manage the lawn care included in the dues. For those who live very busy lifestyles, travel often, or even just don't enjoy yard work, the townhomes are a great option without being in an apartment.

Most of the Pensacola area townhomes being built have the living spaces on the first floor and the bedrooms on the second floor. For those who have trouble with stairs, a townhome may not be the best option. We have seen Adam’s Homes building some townhomes that have a downstairs primary bedroom in lieu of a garage, but all the townhome communities being built in Northwest Florida by D.R. Horton have all three bedrooms upstairs.

Safety frequently tops the list of concerns, and townhomes tend to offer a sense of security due to the proximity of neighbors who can keep an eye out and lend a listening ear in times of trouble. However, this proximity can also mean heightened noise levels from neighboring units, potentially offsetting the perceived safety benefits. Frequently, complaints arise from adjacent neighbors regarding other issues such as parking conflicts and unpleasant odors.

Many townhome communities are managed by homeowner’s associations (HOAs), which often provide amenities like community pools, common areas, maybe a dog park area, gym or community building. For example, Admiral’s Quarters, Hallmark Townhomes, and Innerarity Townhomes all offer a community pool. However, smaller townhomes complexes may lack such amenities. Likewise, townhomes with more common areas tend to come with higher monthly homeowner’s association dues.

Single-Family Homes:

Single-family residences generally feature more expansive yards in comparison to townhomes. Variability in yard size is anticipated based on factors such as the property's age and geographic location. Recent trends indicate a diminishing yard size with the advent of newer construction, particularly evident within the city limits where land availability is constrained. We are seeing some larger lots being built out in Molino and Jay in more rural areas. Notably, the obligation for yard maintenance typically rests with the homeowner.

While there are a large variety of floor plans available for single-family homes, more often you see a larger footprint with most of the living spaces and bedrooms on the main floor as compared to a townhome.

You have more privacy in a single-family home as the walls are not connected as well as the ability to put up a fence for added privacy in the yard. There is also usually more freedom (even in an HOA) for the owner to change things in the yard (ex: add a shed, fence, change out plants, driveway extensions). Often the homeowner’s associations (HOAs) in single-family communities do not offer as wide of a variety of amenities though. However, with fewer amenities usually comes fewer dues that are paid.

Over time, single-family homes typically incur higher maintenance costs. Conversely, some townhome communities include exterior maintenance and roof in their annual homeowner association dues. While this limits the owner’s autonomy in making changes, it offers peace of mind knowing that the responsibility for expensive exterior repairs often falls on the HOA. In a single-family home, most all repairs would fall on the owner. We often see new owners get a home warranty to help cover mitigate costs if an issue arises.

Rental and Sales Comparisons

When comparing the value of townhomes versus single-family homes, numerous factors come into play. For townhomes, it's crucial to assess how many units are currently available for rent or sale, considering their similarity. In such a scenario, distinguishing your home from the competition becomes essential. On the other hand, single-family homes, even within a community, often offer a variety of floor plans. However, the number of available homes in the neighborhood and whether the builder is still constructing new residences can significantly impact the market. Typically, if the builder is actively building in the area, it can be more challenging to sell an existing home due to the incentives they provide to potential buyers.

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