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Benefits of Buying a New Construction Home

Benefits of Buying a New Construction Home

There are so many benefits of buying a new home, aside from the obvious being the first owner and living in a brand-new house!  Here's Jack with D.R. Horton talking about some of the benefits of purchasing a new home: 

New homes offer a less stressful home ownership and reduced costs for many years. Some of the main benefits of a new home include: 

  • Better energy efficiency and lower utility bills. A new home comes equipped with the latest energy efficient features and everything is well insulated. We’ve seen energy bills on resale homes consistently 2-3 times the cost of a new home. 
  • Significantly reduced insurance costs. Especially in Florida, the cost of homeowner’s insurance makes up a significant portion of the monthly payment in your new home. Typical insurance expenses for a Pensacola new construction home are ⅓ of the cost of a comparably sized thirty-year old resale home. 
  • Lower maintenance expenses and headaches. When you purchase a resale home, you’ll find that the cost of homeownership immediately increases when you include home repairs in your budget. The beauty of a new construction for both owner-occupied and investor property owners is that you will enjoy little to no maintenance expenses for several years to come, reducing your total cost of homeownership. 
  • Your home comes with a new home warranty! Most Pensacola new construction builders come with a one-year home warranty on all items in the home and a ten-year builder’s warranty on the structure. You’ll also find that all mechanical components in the home including your heating and air conditioning system, water heater, and appliances likely come with a warranty as well. 
  • More flexible for you to buy on your timeline! Purchasing a new home allows you to buy or build on a timeline that works for you. With so many phases of construction, you can start from the ground up by picking your lot and planning your move well in advance or purchase a newly completed construction home ready to close in less than 30 days! 
  • Great incentives that reduce the upfront cost of purchase and affect your monthly payment. Right now, another great benefit of buying a Pensacola area new construction home is the incentives being offered by builders. Read more about these incentives here!

As you can see, buying a new construction home in Florida can be advantageous, both immediately and in the long-run, and can help reduce the cost of homeownership. Are you looking to purchase a Pensacola new construction home? Search new construction homes on our website here and text/call us at (850) 473-3983 to let us help you find the right new construction home for you!

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