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Working with a Realtor in your New Construction Home Purchase

Working with a Realtor in your New Construction Home Purchase

It’s good to have a realtor represent you in your purchase of a new construction house.

Many times, home buyers purchase a new construction home right from the builder without their own real estate agent. We’ve got four reasons why it’s better to work with your own realtor on a new construction home purchase!

Obviously the builders do have sales agents that are more knowledgeable on thor product and availability. A good real estate agent will work along with the builder’s agent to help combine expertise and look out for you in your new construction purchase.

One of the most valuable ways a real estate agent can help with your Pensacola new construction purchase is to help you shop among all the local builders. A builder’s agent is only knowledgeable on their product and will push you towards their homes or communities. An independent real estate agent can pull a comprehensive search of all new construction properties available, including those in new neighborhoods or by custom builders. We can take you to tour different Pensacola area home builders and help to compare your options. In Pensacola alone, we’ve seen new construction homes and neighborhoods offered for sale from the following builders:

  • D.R. Horton
  • Lennar
  • Maronda Homes
  • Thomas Home Corporation
  • Holiday Builders
  • Adams Homes
  • DSLD Homes
  • Flynn Built
  • aDoor Properties
  • & several smaller custom builders

Not only can we help you compare the builders, we can help you compare current builder incentives. Larger builders like D.R. Horton and Lennar have been offering fantastic incentives in recent years, including interest rate discounts and high closing cost concessions, that have made new construction more attractive than ever in recent years. Here are some recent new construction incentives we’ve seen:

  • Appliance packages including fridge, washer and dryer and blind package
  • Closing costs paid by the seller 
  • Significant interest rate buy-down for the life of the loan

Most smaller builders are not able to offer these incentives, which may make a huge difference in your monthly payment and overall entry cost into your home purchase. This is another reason having a Pensacola realtor who is experienced in new construction purchases to guide you on your home search. 

As your realtor, we would recommend things that the builder would not, like an independent home inspection completed by a licensed home inspector before you close on your home. Read more about this suggestion here: 

Typically, the builder does not negotiate the price for the home if you purchase without your own real estate agent. Keep in mind, as new real estate buyer compensation rules have recently passed, you may have to pay for buyer representation depending on your market or the contract you negotiate with your real estate agent. It’s always best to ask up front about any possible costs when choosing a real estate agent.  As your real estate agent, we will work to get the best deal for you and push a little harder than the builder’s agent would. We also push for things to be 100% complete prior to closing, rather than the promise of repairs to be completed after closing like a builder’s agent may be likely to suggest. 

Builder’s agents are paid by the builder to locate buyers, sure, but also, they work for the builder and therefore they must share the best interest of both parties. With such a significant purchase, it’s best to have another party who is working to exclusively represent you and your best interests! 

Are you looking to purchase a Pensacola new construction home? Search new construction homes on our website here and text/call us at (850) 473-3983 to let us help you find the right new construction home for you! 

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